About DR.Production

DR. PRODUCTION is a subsidiary company of  HWT GROUP BERHAD.

DR. PRODUCTION provides a series of services for SMEs and entrepreneurs, corporate photography, personal photography, video shooting, video production and other services. Through our professional, we give products, businesses, entrepreneurs have a more distinctive brand image. At the same time, we provide customers with a series of value-added facilities, as the maintenance of external image of the customer brand gas station. DR. PRODUCTION as a Doctor of Imaging not only get satisfied photos, but also get an extraordinary after-sales service experience. In addition, in order to create greater profit margins, we also set up various departments to undertake activities and wedding photography.


Chairman & Founder of DR. PRODUCTION


is the Founder and principle of DR.Production, a company of HWT Group.

He is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A member of PSJ (The Photographic Society of Johore) and in love with visual and graphic. From a young age, he loved to look around landscape and the moment of everthing. He got to know about photography when he was 16, it is inspired by his father and senior which is also member of PSJ. Because of photography, so after secondary graduation continue to further study advertising & graphic design.


AS a post-95s entrepreneur, ” Do not think so much, move forward, young people have time is the largest capital!” After graduated from college he decided to enter photography industries as a newbie, decided to go to bitterness without regard to salary. He used to get a RM500 internship salary, desperately more than 10hours of work everyday. People ask him why need to be so tire, he only told that as long as there are learning do not care about, young is the cost. Many people he met on this road are willing to teach a lot of knowledge, and he is very grateful to their predecessors for teching.

Until the time is right, Dato’ Sri Paduka Prof. Dr. Robin Tan and Datin Sri Paduka Dato’ Sri Dr. Jenny Hoon, the founder of HWT Group, asks him to fight together with them, and he decided to go crazy at the same time. So he is grateful to Dato Datin for promoted him, giving the opportunity to develop and work with each other, he believe thery will create brilliant achievements.